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SIRIUS by Temple RichmondSIRIUS (by Maureen Temple Richmond)
Astrologer M. Temple Richmond’s Sirius offers a fresh look at the spiritual significance and astrological influence of this important and widely recognized fixed star. Drawing from the literature of the Ageless Wisdom tradition, the text demonstrates that Sirius: • Radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition; • Functions as part of a vast cosmic heart center; • Is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such as the Laws of Karma and Periodicity; • Is the Great Star of Initiation, the origin of Hierarchy, and the home of the Masonic Tradition; • Manifests as the Principle of Freedom; • Reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience; • Enhances the server’s ability to cooperate with Hierarchy and the Plan; • Acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries. The text concludes with a meditation on Sirian qualities and a comprehensive glossary of esoteric terms. Astrologers, Masons, Theosophists, and enthusiasts of the Alice Bailey literature will all delight in the revelations to be found in Sirius. LINK

SOURCE: Richmond, Maureen. Sirius. Kinsett Publishing. Kindle Edition

(…) And the result is a new understanding of one of the most important of the fixed stars, unrivaled Sirius, the brightest star (other than our Sun) to be seen in the sky. This new understanding, which substantially changed my attitude about fixed-star influence as well as my approach to astrological analysis and interpretation, is founded upon information published by Alice A. Bailey in her volume entitled Esoteric Astrology. A lifelong student of the Bailey material, I am strongly inclined to take seriously the indications in her works regarding the nature of celestial influence.

Djwhal_KhulAs students of the Bailey material know, Alice Bailey worked in telepathic partnership with a Tibetan spiritual Master known as Djwhal Khul (D.K.) during the first half of the twentieth century. Together they produced eighteen books, supplemented by six written by Bailey alone, thus making the twenty-four volumes of which the Bailey works are comprised. Of these, Esoteric Astrology is one of the books transmitted from D.K. to Alice Bailey.

Anch vechi(…) Thus, the information given on Sirius in the Bailey books would appear to be highly privileged material, an extract from the Ageless Wisdom Tradition as safeguarded by the Planetary Hierarchy, of which the Tibetan is a member. (…) From the perspective of this perennial wisdom, the influence of the fixed stars is seen to demonstrate a very different nature from that portrayed in mainstream astrological sources. For example, the Ageless Wisdom as transmitted by Djwhal Khul tells us that Sirius is a vast expression of divinity, (8) the great star of initiation,( 9) the parent of our solar system,( 10) and the point in cosmic consciousness from which issues the true symbol of the cross.

troita(…) To make the divergence between the two points of view even more extreme, the two sources have very different ways of determining the presence of psychospiritual influence from Sirius. Astrologers will insist upon assigning Sirius a degree within the zodiac with which its influence is to be associated. When that degree is activated by transit, angularity, or inherent aspect, they will determine that Sirian influence is present. The Tibetan, representing the Ageless Wisdom, never mentions such a technique for determining the presence of Sirian influence. Instead, he says that the presence of Sirian influence depends upon the state of consciousness of the individual, not upon zodiacal positions, degrees, or aspects.

ni-ka-e1389884369373(…) Hence, the Tibetan counters with the notion that stars such as Sirius do in fact have a psychospiritual influence beyond the natures of the planets in the solar system. His position is in stark contrast to the mainstream astrological assumption, articulated by Robson when he writes, „The generally accepted method of expressing the kind of influence exerted by any star is in terms of the planets of our solar system.” (16) Further, the Tibetan widens the gap between an astrology founded on mathematical technique and one founded upon consciousness dynamics when he identifies as the indicator of sensitivity to the psychospiritual influence of Sirius the attainment of a relatively high point of consciousness evolution, designated by him as the Third Initiation.

Phanes and the egg - Modena, ItalyThe Third Initiation is one in a sequence of consciousness expansions leading from the average state of human consciousness to an expression of divinity sufficient to release one into the freedom of the solar system and beyond. Third in a sequence of nine, this initiation marks the point at which the individual has entirely submerged its own desires into the good of the whole, has fully dedicated itself to the service of the whole, and has successfully learned to control and use the mind nature as an agent for the wise direction of energies.

chakras2(…) The Tibetan also tells us that the Third Initiation is the point at which the initiate can function intuitively at will. (18) Since this initiation is the stage at which Sirian influence is likewise first consciously felt, it appears that sensitivity to Sirian influence and the awakening of the intuition are parallel developments. Given that the dawning Age of Aquarius is expected to bring a shift from intellect to intuition, the influence of Sirius will likely become more and more evident, as greater numbers of persons open to the intuition.

The Kingdom of Kuninda was an ancient central Himalayan kingdom from around the 2nd-3rd century BCE. They are mentioned in Indian epics and Puranas. The Mahabharata relates they were defeated by Arjuna.

According to the Tibetan, true intuition reveals the recognition of the Divine Plan unfolding down through the ages. From this recognition, a perception of the present as it fits into the overall pattern allows the initiate to most efficiently direct her or his efforts toward the advancement of evolution. Hence, it might be said that sensitivity- to Sirian psychospiritual energy represents a quantum leap in consciousness— one that allows the individual to function from a perspective far greater than the limited one dominated by the constraints of time and the collapsed dimensions of narrow self-interest. As is obvious, this perspective goes way beyond the promises of financial advantage and threats of canine attacks attributed by certain astrological sources to the influence of Sirius!

sirius map dog

(…) Thus, while it is good that we understand the nature of planetary influences and express them with the greatest degree of wisdom possible, it is even better if we add to that understanding the nature of influences arising from beyond the zodiacal belt, for these extra-zodiacal influences attune us to far greater dimensions and render our perceptions closer to the truth of ultimate realities— the stuff with which the Path of Initiation is concerned.

Pyramidion, Thebes, LP
Pyramidion, Thebes, 525–332 B.C.

(…) However, those who are striving toward higher spiritual self-actualization, group awareness, and planetary service do pick up Sirian influence, but only in the subtle bodies, with the physical brain failing to note the stimulation. Finally, after the sincere seeker has passed the point of the Third or Transfiguration Initiation, there ensues a conscious recognition of the qualities imparted by Sirian influence. Further, according to the Tibetan, the senior members of a subjectively linked network of souls dedicated to the upliftment of the planet, the New Group of World Servers, also consciously register the influence of Sirius.

Anubis Tutankhamun

(…) First, and most obviously, this book is intended for use by the esotericists of the world— those who study the Bailey material and similar works, for in this book will be found a convenient and exhaustive collection of the Tibetan’s statements on Sirius and related topics. Second, this book is directed to students and practitioners of all schools of astrology, that they may consider a facet of Sirius not to be encountered elsewhere.

Pyramidion of Amenhotep-Huy- Egypt would love to know what this saysThird, this book is relevant for those who are interested in Masonry, whether conventional or Co-Masonic, for as the reader shall soon see, Masonry and Sirian influence are deeply entwined. Fourth, this book is appropriate for all those with an interest in the classical mysteries of antiquity, for reasons that shall be evident soon enough. And the last but not least group for whom this book is intended contains those readers who just pick Sirius up because they feel drawn to it, with perhaps no previous connection to any of the above. In short Sirius is really for anybody who wants to take it on.



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