the-element-encyclopedia-of-secret-signs-and-symbolsThe Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols
(by Adele Nozedar)
Unlock the lost and hidden meanings of the world’s ancient and modern signs and symbols with the latest in the hugely popular series of ‘Element Encyclopedias’. This is the biggest A-Z reference book on symbolic objects you’ll ever find. The latest in the popular series of ‘Element Encyclopedias’, this is the largest, most definitive guide to the secret and ancient knowledge of signs and symbols, some of which has been lost over thousands of years. Why is the eye believed to be a powerful symbol of protection by fishermen? Why do Masonic Temples have a black and white chequered floor covering? Why do Hindus use coloured rice powder to draw elaborate symbols in front of their homes, only to have these patterns destroyed every day by footprints? What are the hidden meanings behind the symbols on the American dollar? What is the most important symbol in the World? Divided into easy-to-follow A-Z themed sections, the book answers all these questions and more, from sections on Magic and Mystery, Deities and Rituals, the Animal and Plant Kingdom, Landscape and the Elements, to Food and Sacred Geometry. Find out about the secret Demonic alphabet and Script of the Magi, the Glastonbury Zodiac, the Masonic Compass, the Eye of Horus, Native American hunting symbols, the Caduceus and the Indian Diwali ritual. Element Encyclopedia of Secret Signs and Symbols is a fascinating compendium of the hidden meanings behind the most important visual symbols in the world. LINK

The Brightest Stars - Discovering the UniverseThe Brightest Stars: Discovering the Universe through the Sky’s Most Brilliant Stars (by Fred Schaaf)
Fred Schaaf is one of the most experienced astronomical observers of our time. For more than two decades, his view of the sky-what will be visible, when it will be visible, and what it will look like-has encouraged tens of thousands of people to turn their eyes skyward. David H. Levy, Science Editor, Parade magazine, discoverer of twenty-one comets, and author of Starry Night and Cosmic Discoveries. „Fred Schaaf is a poet of the stars. He brings the sky into people’s lives in a way that is compelling and his descriptions have all the impact of witnessing the stars on a crystal-clear dark night.” William Sheehan, coauthor of Mars: The Lure of the Red Planet and The Transits of Venus. In this book, you’ll meet the twenty-one brightest stars visible from Earth. You’ll learn how to find these stars and discover the best ways to see them. Each star is profiled in a separate chapter, with detailed guidance on what to look for while observing it. Suitable for beginners as well as experienced amateur astronomers, the book shares fascinating information about the lore and legends connected with each star through history, as well as what the science of astronomy has to teach us about the star’s physical nature.  LINK

Sirius - Brightest Diamond in the Night SkySirius: Brightest Diamond in the Night Sky
(by Jay B. Holberg)

Of all the fixed stars in the night sky, Sirius is by far the brightest – almost twice as bright as its nearest rival, the star Canopus, which lies too far south to be viewed from most of the Northern Hemisphere. Only the Sun, Moon and the planets Venus, Jupiter and, at times, Mars, appear brighter. Sirius, with its flashing brilliance, is a striking feature of the northern winter sky and has understandably drawn the attention of observers of the night sky for thousands of years. Sirius has many names.  Astronomers recognize over fifty designations for the star, but the most commonly used is Alpha Canis Majoris, the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major.  This is Latin for the ‘Great Dog’, which has led to its popular nickname the ‘Dog Star’. Over the centuries many beliefs have come to be associated with Sirius. Some of these beliefs still echo in such phrases as ‘the dog days of summer’, which the ancient Romans understood well. Other old beliefs long ago fell from public consciousness — only to be revived and to grow into modern popular and scientific controversies. Although these beliefs may seem quite recent, many have their origins in the ancient lore surrounding Sirius; humans seem naturally drawn to its brilliance, and a surprising number of modern cults have nucleated around beliefs in which Sirius plays a prominent role. LINK

Lost Star of Myth and TimeLost Star of Myth and Time (by Walter Cruttenden)
The myth and folklore of ancestral peoples around the world hints at a vast cycle of time, with alternating Dark and Golden Ages. Plato called it the Great Year. Long believed to be a fairytale, there is now new astronomical evidence to show it has a basis in fact. Moreover, because it is caused by the acceleration of our Sun around another star, we learn that the Earth should soon be carried into a region of space that will have a beneficial affect on our atmosphere, nudging mankind into a higher age of consciousness. Lost Star of Myth and Time weaves together some of the latest archaeological evidence with cutting-edge astronomy to reveal a history of the world that finally fits with myth, folklore and the archaeological record. While this book explores some of the most interesting aspects of a once advanced civilization that covered the Earth, it is really about what happens to the Earth and consciousness as our solar system moves through space in the mysterious motion known as the „precession of the equinox”. This astronomical phenomenon has since Newton been attributed to local gravitational forces wobbling the Earth s axis. Lost Star now shows us in no uncertain terms that the Earth s axis does not change orientation relative to objects inside the solar system at the same rate that it changes orientation to objects outside the solar system, meaning precession must be due to our Sun s binary motion around another star. „Chapter 5 is devoted to speculation on what the sun’s companion star might be, considering various objects like black holes, brown dwarfs and dead stars. It also considers the possibility that Sirius, Indra and Nibiru might be one and the same, while introducing the effect of distant influences like those emanating from the Pleiades. The next chapter more comprehensively explores cosmic influences on consciousness with reference to cutting edge research in the field.” LINK

The Sirius Mystery - New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years AgoThe Sirius Mystery: New Scientific Evidence of Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago (by Robert Temple)
„Once again you have a chance to encounter the mysteries of the humankind’s past, this time – with a help of Robert Temple, the author of The Sirius Mystery. The subject of the book is incredibly fascinating: most of us are used to seek the lost knowledge cases in civilizations like ancient Egypt, or Olmecs, or Maya; here we face a situation when an african tribe may possess the knowledge of a high value that is linked closely to the achievements of modern astronomy. That is rather a key point of the whole book – the Dogon who seem to know too much – about the things they can not know anything about, and their legends that tell us about their ancestors that came from another world. As in many other cases, the main advantage of The Sirius Mystery is its thought-provoking power, its ability to mobilize and activate a reader’s imagination and logical thinking. The beliefs of the Dogon may be slightly confusing, the way they got their sacred knowledge about Sirius may be the one the author suggests, or may be different – it does not matter too much: there seem to be a knowledge anomaly happened in Africa, and we would better find out what caused it, since solving this more or less recent puzzle may help us with investigating the ancient mysteries, such as locating and building the Egyptian pyramids, the Chinese ones, or mysteries of technological achievements of the ancient Middle East. The past of the Dogons may be linked to the ancient Egypt, or to any other ancient civilization of this planet, and the author’s conclusions about the paleocontact may be not so convincing to some, the other thing, however, once again is more important: there is a place for mysteries like this, and by no means should we discard any of them, saying „it can not be, because it can never be”, and the Dogon mystery should be given a careful and complete study. Those who are still non-believers would better address the issues, for example, of the 14th century maps of Antarctica, or astronomical knowledge of ancient Egypt or Mesoamerica, or anything else: the world is full of the lost or mysterical knowledge cases, and some of them are supporetd by a hard evidence. In short, the book is a must-read for anyone paying a serious attention to the problems of history, civilizations’ development and the lost knowledge we are trying to find.” LINK

Sirius ConnectionSirius Connection (by Murry Hope)
The Sirius Connection unlocks the secrets of ancient Egypt as mythologist Murry Hope explores this antique wisdom and sets out to explain the source of ancient Egyptian wisdom and the significance of its beliefs and secret practices. She investigates ancient Egyptian beliefs and how their sophisticated culture could have been inherited from a much older and more profound tradition that is comparable to anything we know today, one which combines a knowledge of general science, astronomy, astrophysics and psychology. In The Sirius Connection, Hope transcends the restrictions of traditional historical methods to render a picture of ancient Egypt in its own context and allows readers to concentrate on the origins of its culture. The Sirius Connection is lively, engaging reading and a provocative addition to any metaphysical studies collection! (Midwest Book Review). „Murry Hope lives up to her name in this book and brings us the hope that in the future our planet will take its rightful place in the universal evolutionary process – a place which has been denied to us creatures on earth since our planet became entangled in a matrix which trapped us and isolated us from the rest of the universe. Murry believes the Atlanteans and the Egyptians had contact on a regular basis with the inhabitants of other planets, especially in the Siriun system. Remnants of the knowledge they posses are still available in the few texts remaining to us, and through psychic communication such as that which Murry is able to achieve. If these notions strike a chord with you, I recommend you read this book. If you are open to the idea of Atlantis, are fascinated by the Egyptian civilisation and the miracles it wrought and would like to understand some of what they knew, then read this book. If you believe that mortal human life is only one tiny part of our complete existence as souls seeking the light and our soul-mates, Murry has support and encouragement for you. If you suspect that there are secrets out there which might help you lead a better life, and want to bring these things to other people too, then read the book. And if you have gazed at the stars in the heavens above at night and wondered why they have such a strong magical and magnetic appeal to us humans, then read this book. And consider the meaning of the gnostic mantra, which Murry repeats throughout the book, — AS ABOVE, SO BELOW.” LINK

the-newgrange-sirius-mysteryThe Newgrange Sirius Mystery (by E.A. James Swagger)
Newgrange is considered the most complex megalithic site in the world. It is Ireland’s most visited monument with around 250,000 visitor’s a year. This book delves into the astroarchaeology of Newgrange and the Boyne valley alongside the Loughcrew and Carrowkeel cemeteries with astonishing revelations. This book contains new research and evidence that suggests Newgrange was aligned also to Sirius as a crude precessional calculator. Newgrange it seems was the pinnacle of a theme of passage grave cosmology running throughout Ireland. Knowledge of Precession of the Equinoxes is inherent in the passage graves of Ireland a fact that has never been explained nor addressed until now. LINK

De la Sirius la PamantDe La Sirius La Pamant (by Evelyn Fuqua)
„Fiinta Athor are o infatisare aproape de razboinic. Impresia vizuala ne arata o banderola pusa in diagonala pe piept, pe care este gravat un simbol asemanator unui fulger care iese din ceea ce pare a fi un nor. Vad o fiinta voluminoasa, cu aspect cat se poate de fizic. Ochii par sa fie de culoarea pe care o definiti ca violet, care arunca sageti de lumina. Nasul are o forma acvilina, ca de grec, cum ati spune voi. Trasaturile fetei seamana cu cele ale nobilimii grecesti din acest plan si cu zeii greci. Fiinta poarta un soi de costum gri, care este ca o a doua piele. Mai exista si niste lucruri ce par sa fie dintr-un alt material si arata intocmai unor cizme de un gri argintiu. Pe aceste asa-zise cizme, apare din nou emblema cu fulgerul. Mainile sunt lungi, nu foarte subtiri, iar degetele, sensibile, dar foarte puternice; sunt acoperite de ceva ca o manusa lunga, care vine de la umar pana la degete, acoperind totul. Este aproape ca o uniforma. Exista un fel de guler care iese din costum si se ridica, iar parul pare sa fie de o culoare foarte inchisa si cu o textura extrem de moale si foarte ondulata, care cade pe umeri. Fiinta are o inaltime de aproximativ 2,10-2,40 metri. Athor este androgin, desi fiinta poseda o energie masculina foarte puternica.“ – Evelyn Fuqua. LINK

MYTHMyth: The Origin of Man (by Aaron Steiner)
Myth tells the „how and why” of human origins. Reflecting the true definition of the word myth, the story addresses issues that arise between the first humans and their extraterrestrial reptilian creators, the Anunaki. Coming to ancient Earth from the star system of Sirius B to obtain gold and other natural resources, the Anunaki establish an outpost and spaceport named Edin. This outpost is also a massive enclosed habitat that contains off-world plants of many varieties.When a disgruntled mining force rebels, a decision to create a workforce is made. By mixing their own DNA with the native monkey-man, the Anunaki gestate a small, half-mammal, half-reptilian worker named the Lulu. The Lulu are an effective workforce until their lifespan runs out, being incapable of reproducing on their own.Recreating their Lulu workforce is deemed tedious, so a decision is made to add DNA from the star system of Lyra, resulting in the human race.Removed from the human experiment early on, the first female, Lilith, seeks out personal empowerment while ultimately becoming considered an equal among the Anunaki elite. Thus begins the tale of Myth. About the Author: Aaron Steiner is an artist/jeweler from the Pacific Northwest who set out to write Myth when it became apparent to him that Western culture was devoid of human origin mythology. He realized that this was true basically because people from the West are a very literal culture, so they would need a literal account of their origins. Myth sets out to provide that literal account. LINK

Sirius the Ascended Masters Light the Way_1Sirius – The Ascended Masters Light the Way (by Darla Cody)
Darla Cody had a near-death experience in 1991, which started her journey away from the materialistic, American life into one of questioning true happiness. It would take another accident in 1994 before she actually changed her lifestyle into a quest for truth in the spiritual realm. Cody connected with her spirit guides, who told her to visit sacred sites around the world, which first led her down Egypt’s Nile River, where she received wisdom from the many sites of ancient knowledge there. Inside an ancient Egyptian temple she became “reaquainted” with Isis, who told her to go to the east gate to receive divine information. Just as in ancient times, Isis and other spirit guides were once again bringing personal messages to seekers. From Egypt, she was called to the Himalayas to see Babaji and the ascended masters of the Great White Brotherhood. St. Germain led her to the Valley of the Flowers and the Sacred Lake on the border of China among the Seven Sacred Peaks, where she was initiated by Lord Maitreya, St. Germain, Quan Yin and Babaji. Sai Baba — an avatar living in India at the time — began communicating with her via mental telepathy, asking her to help him by teaching others about his works. And this book followed.

Sirius the Ascended Masters Light the Way_2Sirius: Understanding Ancient Wisdom for Spiritual Ascension enhances your understanding of your evolution and ascension process, by answering questions like What is the Hierarchy, and what are the major departments of the ascended masters? Who were the ascended masters in their past lives? How can I connect with the ascended master who is right for me today? How do the seven rays relate to the ascended masters and to me? What initiations must I go through, and what is that process? How does Shambhala — the City of White — relate to humanity and Sanat Kumara, the Planetary Logos? How do I work with my endocrine system and how does it work with my chakras? What is the importance of conscious breathing in my everyday life and in my ascension process? What is prana, and how can I use it to renew my body and mind? How can I use the violet flame of transmutation? How am I being affected by the electromagnetic fields that permeate our modern world? How can I protect myself from negative energies? LINK

dayoffishlgDay of the Fish / The Nummo / The Master of Speech
(by Shannon Dorey)
When I began researching the Dogon religion, I had no inkling of what I might be uncovering. When the reality of it became clearer, I felt as if someone had pulled the rug out from under me. It was as if everything I’d ever been told about history had been a disgraceful lie. This book is an exploration of human history and a journey of truth. It unravels the many lies that have been perpetuated against humanity throughout the ages. The Dogon religion is the only religion left in the world that tells us about the alien Nummo. Beings who were once at the base of human religion and at the core of human civilization–beings who were almost completely stamped out of history and subsequently human consciousness. According to the Dogon, the spiritually advanced Nummo were a race of fish-like hermaphrodites who came to Earth for the benefit of humanity.

nummolgmasterofspeechlgThe amphibious Nummo, who were described by the Dogon people as being more female than male, were thought to have come from the Sirius star system. These immortal beings, who were identified with the sacred feminine, were the Goddesses that were loved and revered by the people of Old Europe. Demonized by later patriarchal cultures, the Dogon tell us that these beings were responsible for human creation and civilization. LINK

sirius-mattersSirius Matters (by Noah Brosch)
Since very early times Sirius was a point of attraction in the night sky. It served to synchronize calendars in antiquity and was the subject of many myths and legends, including some modern ones. It was perceived as a red star for more than 400 years, but such reports were relegated to the Mediterranean region. Astronomically, Sirius is a very bright star. This, and its present close distance to us, argues in favor of it being the target of detailed studies of stellar structure and evolution. Its binary nature, with a companion that is one of the more massive white dwarfs, is an additional reason for such studies. This book collects the published information on Sirius in an attempt to derive a coherent picture of how this system came to look as it does. LINK

A Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius by Eva MarquezA Starseed Guide: Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius
(by Eva Marquez)

The Pleiadian star nation is one of the most discussed star nations that we know of. Their closest soul brothers and sisters are Andromedans and Sirians. Often, they all join in beautiful ceremonies and work in unity with other star nations to ensure peace across the Universe. Pleiadians are Soul Healers. Sirians are Knowledge Keepers. Andromedans are Healers and Scientists. Together they create a beautiful trinity of energies that synchronize with the energies of our mind (Sirius), body (Andromeda) and spirit (Pleiades). In this book you will embark on a journey to learn more about these star nations, their home world, special places, and their unique abilities. You will also learn about the characteristics of starseeds that have incarnated on Earth from these star nations. Are you one of them? Do you carry their ancestral DNA? While you read about these star nations you will automatically connect with them. You may consciously ask to be DNA attuned to their energy. If they are your original ancestors, you may experience sudden memories while reading, and your spiritual DNA will be activated. If they are just your galactic neighbors, then you can receive their energy imprint. You will be attuned to the energy that will assist you in the highest possible way in your current life here on Earth. Enjoy! LINK

SIRIUS by Temple RichmondSIRIUS (by Maureen Temple Richmond)
Astrologer M. Temple Richmond’s Sirius offers a fresh look at the spiritual significance and astrological influence of this important and widely recognized fixed star. Drawing from the literature of the Ageless Wisdom tradition, the text demonstrates that Sirius: • Radiates the qualities of universal love and intuition; • Functions as part of a vast cosmic heart center; • Is linked with universal and cosmic principles, such as the Laws of Karma and Periodicity; • Is the Great Star of Initiation, the origin of Hierarchy, and the home of the Masonic Tradition; • Manifests as the Principle of Freedom; • Reveals the distinction between good and evil through divine discriminating conscience; • Enhances the server’s ability to cooperate with Hierarchy and the Plan; • Acts through an intricate system of astrological intermediaries. The text concludes with a meditation on Sirian qualities and a comprehensive glossary of esoteric terms. Astrologers, Masons, Theosophists, and enthusiasts of the Alice Bailey literature will all delight in the revelations to be found in Sirius. LINK

The Sirius CivilizationThe Sirius Civilization & Star Seeds From Sirius Series
(by Silviu Suliţă)
Sirius (Ash-man-kha – in the native language) is the brightest star in the Earth’s sky and one of the ancient civilization from the Milky Way Galaxy. From this location Sirians (Ash-man-kha-os – as they name themselves) came uncountable times to Terra. The influence of the Sirian (Ash-man-kha-o) culture can be found everywhere on planet Earth and their fingerprints can be seen in numerous human cultures. Sirians revealed themselves many times to humans but, the dust of eons covered the memory of humankind leaving behind only glimpses of mysteries and wonders. This work is an attempt to bring forward one of the roots of humans’ spirituality and source of inspiration by describing the following aspects of the Sirian civilization: the universe, the star system, the physical structure, psychical characteristics, society, special social hierarchy on planet Antha, the soul, the stages of the soul development, the special spiritual hierarchy, healthcare, education, arts and pieces of technology.

Star Seeds From Sirius - Mental Communication Star Seeds From Sirius - Remembering The Language Star Seeds From Sirius - Missions On Terra Star Seeds From Sirius - Fulfilling The Destiny

Star Seeds From Sirius - Starting the Inner Journey Star Seeds From Sirius - The Learning ProcessStar seeds from Sirius incarnated on Terra have to activate the knowledge of Sirian language. The book presents originally and synthetically the following topics: – The Sirian Language. – Comparison among the Sirian Language and Humans’ Languages. – The Adapted Language. – Sirian – English Dictionary. – Red signs & red letters. – Blue signs & blue letters. – Remarks, explanations and exemplification. – The Meta Language. – The Telepathic Language. – Symbols for telepathic communication with beings. – Symbols for telepathic communication with devices. – Symbols for inner communication. – Few remarks regarding telepathic communication. – The Sirian Linguistic Center. The book is written in a pragmatic manner giving precise indications to the readers. I recommend this book to all Sirian star seeds that are in the quest of their spiritual essence. LINK

conversations-with-ogotemmeliConversations with Ogotemmeli
(by Marcel Griaule, Germaine Dieterlen)
Originally published in 1948 as Dieu d’Eau, this near-classic offers a unique and first-hand account of the myth, religion, and philosophy of the Dogan, A Sudanese people. The Dogon are an isolated African tribe who live along a 200-kilometre stretch of escarpment called the Cliffs of Bandiagara near Timbuktu. The French anthropologist Marcel Griaule recorded the Dogon religion in 1946 in his book, Conversations with Ogotemmêli (Dieu d’Eau). Shannon Dorey analyzes Griaule’s, Conversations with Ogotemmêli (Dieu d’Eau) in detail in The Master Of Speech. In 1946 the Dogon tribe was one of the last groups of people to come under French rule. Because they had maintained their own beliefs and religious practices, they were thought to have been one of the best examples of „primitive savagery” known to the world at that time. Even African Muslims were said to have had trouble understanding the Dogon belief system. Griaule had established his relationship with the Dogon people during field trips which began in 1931. After years of questioning the Dogon elders about the religion, the Dogon finally agreed to let Griaule in on the religion’s innermost teachings. Ogotemmêli was chosen to present the secret knowledge to Griaule. This was done in 33 days, which began in October of 1946. (Sursa) LINK

hamlets-millHAMLET’S MILL: An Essay Investigating the Origins of Human Knowledge (by Giorgio de Santillana & Hertha Von Dechend)
A work of scientific and philosophical inquiry, in which, the authors track world myths to a common origin in early man’s descriptions of cosmological activity, arguing that these remnants of ancient astronomy, suppressed by the Greeks and Romans and then forgotten, were really a form of pre-literate science. Authors: Giorgio De Santillana & Hertha Von Dechend. LINK