A crop circle or crop formation is a pattern created by flattening a crop,[1] usually a cereal. A commentary in The Guardian noted that „[i]t is still open to dispute whether some are caused by natural phenomena or all created by human hand,”[2] but crop circles, as Taner Edis, professor of physics at Truman State University puts it, „We know a great deal about their various techniques. So we do not need to find the perpetrator of every crop circle to figure out that probably they all are human made„. There is no scientific evidence for such explanations, and human causes are consistent for some crop circles.[3] The number of crop circles has substantially increased from the 1970s to current times. There has been little scientific study of them. Circles in the United Kingdom are not spread randomly across the landscape but appear near roads, areas of medium to dense population and cultural heritage monuments, such as Stonehenge or Avebury.[4] In 1991, two hoaxers, Bower and Chorley, made disputed claims to have created many circles throughout England after one of their circles was described by a circle investigator, as impossible to be made by human hand.[5] Formations are usually created overnight,[6] although some are reported to have appeared during the day.[7] In contrast to crop circles or crop formations, archeological remains can cause cropmarks in the fields in the shapes of circles and squares, but they do not appear overnight, and they are always in the same places every year. (


Robert Morning Sky (Terra Papers): “Crop Circles – Visual Communications: In an attempt to communicate with the descendants of Star Beings – especially those who are able to remember the „clues” – visual signals are being sent in the form of crop circles. Signs meant for the Sirian descendants usually have a striking resemblance to ancient Egyptian glyphs, football-shaped designs, circle-in-cross forms, or circles with a dot in the center. They may also appear as mathematical formulations. Crop circles from the Ari-Ans often have a snake-like form, or insect or bug-like creatures. Whatever the form, crop circles are signs to the descendants that they have not been forgotten. As a signal that a starship has been dispatched to the solar system and Earth, images of enormous planetary starships and crews comprised of heroic „saviors” of mankind and the Earth will be everywhere. To counter this image of a „good” heavenly body, images of falling asteroids and crashing comets will be used as justification for aiming anti-asteroid missiles skyward for „defensive” purposes.” (SURSA)