sirius16According to the Dogon, all of their knowledge originated from beings that came from “Nyan Tolo” which is the satellite of “Emme Ya” in the Sirius System around 3000 B.C., these beings are referred to as “Nommos” and they arrived to the Dogon in a “Red Ark“, as these beings landed, there was fire and smoke, roaring sounds that resembled huge rocks crashing into each other. The Dogon call it “Nyan Tolo“, basically translated to as: The Star of the Woman.

The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple - Nommo
The Sirius Mystery – Robert Temple – Nommo

Nommos Sirius Sirigi

siriusVIIThe Brightest star(s) in the sky is Sirius without a doubt, the name Sirius, comes from the Greek language and is translated as the glowing one or bright one. And what might appear as a single star is in fact a double or even possibly triple star system according to observations made in the 1920’s. Apparently our scientists are beginning to accept just now what ancient people worldwide already knew thousands of years before us, like the Dogon tribe in Africa. According to the Dogon, the “instructor” gods descended from Sirius and brought knowledge and wisdom.

Early Christian symbol of ‘the fish’ standing upright copy
This Christian Coptic design preserved at the Luxor Museum in Egypt shows the central early Christian symbol of ‘the fish’ standing upright, with a pillar on each side and an arch above. It is perhaps no coincidence that this ‘fish’ contains as its ‘eye’ the ancient solar symbol of a circle with a disc in the centre. Thus, here we have, thousands of years later, a solar symbol still combined with a vesica piscis by the Coptic Church of Egypt. (LINK)

sirius17What is interesting is that the Dogon knew about Sirius and its “triple” star system way before “modern” science found out its existence. according to studies it is believed that Sirius C, the third system, is a red dwarf star a hundred times less massive than our own Sun, and a lot less brighter making it hard to see with our equipment, thus the discovery is still awaiting confirmation from the astronomic community. But hey, the Dogon knew about the “triple star system” way back and that is whats causing all the stir.Ancient Egyptians also knew Sirius, and just like Orion, they considered this star system very important as they believed that the gods came from Orion and SiriusOsiris and Isis.

Sirius ABC Xylanthia

sirius19The Dogon are an extremely interesting tribe, their most sacred and most ancient traditions speak of a star that is accompanied by the planetary system Sirius which they call “Po Tolo.” How did they know that? Whats even more interesting is the fact that the Dogon knew that every 50 years, the planet completed its orbit, and they knew that it was -, facts that modern-day astronomers have managed to corroborate.

The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple pag 216
The Sirius Mystery – Robert Temple – pag 216
Sirius A-B in X-Rays & Geoglife
Sirius A-B in X-Rays & Geoglife

sirius14To make things even more interesting, the Dogon knew of the existence of a third star which they called “Emme Ya“, corresponding to the relatively newly discovered Sirius C. The Dogon believe that Emma Ya is actually four times lighter than Po Tolo even though it takes the same time to complete its orbit around Sirius A.


Sirius - Triple Star System


dogon_ing_siriusdnaHow did the ancient Dogon manage to calculate that “Po Tolo” takes around 50 years to orbit around Sirius when modern-day astronomy has calculated with a small degree of error that it actually takes 50.040 years. Do you think all of this above is incredible? Well there is more to it actually… The Dogon state that “Emma Ya” is the second companion of Sirius and it even has a smaller satellite that orbits it. The Dogon call it “Nyan Tolo“, basically translated to as: The Star of the Woman. (SURSA)


A Sudanese Sirius System