Edalfo Lanfranchi: „The „Moldavite” has been known since ancient times. One of the most interesting examples is Egypt, a place where the „Moldavite” has been found in the great pyramids and tombs. The connections between the Egyptians and the constellation of Orion and Sirius star are well known. It is not coincidence that the „Moldavite” is SIRIUS. This stone is associated with the power of fire and was also known as the stone of Ra. The Tibetans worship this stone by placing it on their heads. They attributed to the „Moldavite” a celestial origin, believing that it came from the constellation Orion (according to the last criterion possibly Sirius. But it is always arrived from outer space). We can find its name in Sanskrit: „Agni mani” which means „Pearl of fire”. Its use in Europe dates back to prehistory, Upper Paleolithic period (Cro-Magnon man), since some of these stones have been found in the statue of Venus of Willendorf (Austria), created 29,000 light years ago. The „Moldavite” has been used in jewelry and crowns from European countries for hundreds of light years. In the ancient writing of different civilizations which mentions the Emerald as a magical and powerful gem, they probably referred to what we today known as „Moldavite”.” (The Gem that fell from Heaven: Green Stone Moldavite, pag. 207-208)

Moldavite - 42_17LIGHTMOLDAVIT = * Este singura piatra de origine extraterestra de pe pamant! * Este una dintre cele mai vechi pietre de pe pamant, gasindu-si originea odata cu formarea planetei. * Pentru ca este o piatra de natura extraterestra, se spune ca mesajul sau pentru locuitorii Pamantului trebuie descoperit prin stimularea intelepciunii.

3849908948_2fa72c2532 Shepherds_Monument_Relief* Legende asiatice stravechi spun ca ar proveni de pe Sirius si legendele despre 1001Atlantida fac deseori referire la acest cristal. * Cele mai importante locuri cu incarcatura spirituala de pe pamant ascund in ele bucati de Moldavit: Mecca, Tibet, Israel. * Se spune ca una din pietrele cu care era incrustata sabia Excalibur era Moldavit. * Adeseori se vorbeste despre Moldavit ca despre Piatra Filosofala. Era folosit de alchimisti. (SURSA)


Moldavite - Sirius StoneMoldavite was thought to have fallen to Earth during a cosmic meteor shower some 15 million years ago. In ancient Asian chronicles, the crystal was said to have come from the Sirius star system.

Goryeo-Kshitigarbha_(Chijang)-late.14cNicholas Roerich, a Russian explorer, artist and mystic who traversed the regions of Asia during the 1920s and 30s, was said to have come into possession of a “magical crystal from another world”, known as the Chintamani Crystal. The crystal, thought to have had magical properties, is believed to have been Moldavite, and was once a talisman of Tazlavoo, the one-time Emperor of Atlantis.


The Ries crater impact event is believed to be the source of Moldavite tektites found in Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic). (SURSA)

black-stone-MeccaLegend has it that this same crystal was sent to King Solomon in Israel who then split the crystal and made a ring out of one piece. The other pieces are thought to have been sent to a monastery in Tibet. Centuries later, it is said that Mohammed took three pieces to Mecca.

Holy Grail from Sirius_C

ManiStoneRoerich theorized that the Moldavite crystal is charged with Shugs, currents of psychic force. He speculated it resembled an electrical accumulator and may give back, in one way or another, the energy stored within it. For instance, it will increase the spiritual vitality of anyone who touches it, infusing the person with knowledge, or enhancing healing abilities.

Moldavit - Stone ArtIn Western folklore, one of the jewels on the hilt of the sword Excaliber is thought to be Moldavite. The Moldavite Crystal has also been referred as “The Philosopher’s Stone”, the key to turning focused thoughts into reality. It has been known to help unite the various factions of the self: Fire and water, Hermes and Aphrodite (the masculine and feminine) and the opposing dogs at war within.

Phanes and the egg - Modena, Italy In Alchemy it is said that the way to mastery is through transmutation; the aligning of the self before the physical. A student of alchemy must first bring the shifting and often conflicting polarities within them into balance. Only then can a Master truly influence the material world. Through the use of a Moldavite crystal a student can divine their way to the “Magnum Opus” (Master Work), the reason for existence which only the soul truly knows. (SURSA)


Moldavite has green color and it’s coming from the Pleiades and it’s not the cintamani stone. The cintamani stone is coming from the Sirius star system and it has a beautiful lavender sometimes grey, sometimes brownish pink color if it’s transparent. Actually, they’re speaking about two different stones. One of them is cintamani stone and the second one of them is animati stone. The animati stone is a so-called fire stone or fire crystals that is moldavite.

moldavite-2Cintamani is a sacred stone which came from Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after long journey through interstellar space. In the last 26,000 years, the positive Agarthans were guardians of Cintamani stones.

Amoghabhuti Kuninda Kingdom 2nd Century BCEThroughout the history, they have given pieces of Cintamani to some of those individuals who had the maximum potential positive influence on the human history. King Solomon, Alexander the Great and Akbar were in possession of a piece of Cintamani stone. One piece of Cintamani, previously in Templar possession, was given to Edward Bulwer-Lytton, who revealed the existence of Agartha to humanity in his famous novel The Coming Race.

sirius map dog

N. K. Roerich „Madonna Oriflamma” (1932)

Later this same piece was given to a certain Templar group near Untersberg and then to the Vril girls (die Vrilerinnen) who channeled the technological know-how for first working space program on the surface of the planet since the fall of Atlantis. Another piece was given to Nicholas Roerich, who attempted to achieve world peace with it. His well known Banner of Peace is a symbol related to the triple Sirius star system.

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Roerich - White-stone-sign-of-cintamani-or-horse-of-happiness-1933
Roerich – White Stone – Sign of Cintamani or Horse of Happiness (1933)

The dark forces, from Inquisition, to Jesuits, to Hitler, were trying to get a piece of Cintamani into their distorted hands, unsuccessfully. Cintamani is the sacred stone of the Brotherhood of the Star, the last true Triskelion - Sirius - 3 stars copyremnant of the mystery schools of Light from Atlantis. Many Lightworkers and Lightwarriors belong to the mandala of 144,000 star beings of Light who came to planet Earth many incarnations ago to assist in the liberation of this planet and Celtic silver coins found in Switzerland - Füllinsdorf, Basel 80-70 BCthe Shift of the Ages. Since the opening of the IS:IS portal in December 2014, Light is flowing from the Galactic Central Sun, steered through the facets of the Moldavite chalice of the Holy Grail which is serving as a lens, directed to the 144.000 to trigger their awakening. (SURSA)

Silver coin of the Kuninda Kingdom, c. 1st century BCE. Obv: Deer standing right, crowned by two cobras, attended by Lakshmi holding a lotus flower. Legend in Prakrit (Brahmi script, from left to right): Rajnah Kunindasya Amoghabhutisya maharajasya („Great King Amoghabhuti, of the Kunindas”). Rev: Stupa surmounted by the Buddhist symbol triratna, and surrounded by a swastika, a „Y” symbol, and a tree in railing. Legend in Kharoshti script, from righ to left: Rana Kunidasa Amoghabhutisa Maharajasa, („Great King Amoghabhuti, of the Kunindas”). The Kingdom of Kuninda (or Kulinda in ancient literature) was an ancient central Himalayan kingdom from around the 2nd century BCE to the 3rd century, located in the modern state of Uttarakhand and southern areas of Himachal in northern India. The history of the kingdom is documented from around the 2nd century BCE. They are mentioned in Indian epics and Puranas. The Mahabharata relates they were defeated by Arjuna. SURSA