EVA MARQUEZ: „Sirians are Knowledge Keepers”

Anubis„Sirian starseeds have brilliant minds. They need to learn to bring the energy from the mind into the entire physical body and practice „whole body intuition”. That means learning to sense the energy throughout their whole body, not just with the mind. Their mission on Earth is to make our life easier with their inventions, new technology, science, truth and teachings, and healing. Sirians know how to use ancient knowledge and make it futuristic.” (Eva Marquez)

A Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius by Eva MarquezA Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades and Sirius
(by Eva Marquez)

The Pleiadian star nation is one of the most discussed star nations that we know of. Their closest soul brothers and sisters are Andromedans and Sirians. Often, they all join in beautiful ceremonies and work in unity with other star nations to ensure peace across the Universe. Pleiadians are Soul Healers. Sirians are Knowledge Keepers. Andromedans are Healers and Scientists. Together they create a beautiful trinity of energies that synchronize with the energies of our mind (Sirius), body (Andromeda) and spirit (Pleiades). In this book you will embark on a journey to learn more about these star nations, their home world, special places, and their unique abilities. You will also learn about the characteristics of starseeds that have incarnated on Earth from these star nations. Are you one of them? Do you carry their ancestral DNA? While you read about these star nations you will automatically connect with them. You may consciously ask to be DNA attuned to their energy. If they are your original ancestors, you may experience sudden memories while reading, and your spiritual DNA will be activated. If they are just your galactic neighbors, then you can receive their energy imprint. You will be attuned to the energy that will assist you in the highest possible way in your current life here on Earth. Enjoy! LINK

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SOURCE: Marquez, Eva. A Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius (Kindle Locations 468-649). Eva Marquez. Kindle Edition:

 „Chapter Three: Sirius. Shining brighter than any other star in the sky is Sirius, a close neighbor to Earth. Sirius is visible in the Northern Hemisphere during the winter night sky. Just like Andromeda and the Pleiades, it has become home for many Lyrans after the destruction of Lyra. Lyrans also introduced the Lions (Feline) star nation, that used to live in Lyra, into Sirius. Sirians and Lions developed incredible strong bond between them, becoming two pieces in a pod.


The Sirian Beings. The Sirius star nation beings are seekers of truth and knowledge. They are scribes of ancient records stored in the Library of Light called the Akashic Records, where all of the Universal Light history records are collected. Sirians are intellectual beings possessing a great demeanor and amazing self-control. Often acknowledged as Elders among others and respected for their ancient knowledge and wisdom. Most people think they are quiet, intellectual beings who spend much of their time in libraries. However, there is much more to Sirians then just well-kept books. (…)

Great Pyramids - Sirius Betelgeuse Aldebaran

Sirians have incarnated on Earth from the time of its beginning. Many ascended masters and great minds come from a Sirian ancestral line. The majority of technology found in ancient Egypt, came from the Sirian and Orion beings that either visited or incarnated to assist a thriving new world. Their goal was to preserve knowledge from Ancient Atlantis in several parts of the Earth and to make it thrive. If failure were to happen, then at least they would have left clues for future generations to remember their ancestry and to relearn their starseed abilities.

Pyramid Sirius Orion

Ancient knowledge is one of the profound abilities Sirans retain. Similar to their Andromedian or Pleiadian star brothers and sisters, they are profound energy healers. It is quite common for Sirians to be more involved in healing on an intellectual level then hands-on healing. Often they develop into teachers of the healing arts instead of healers themselves. Sirians are seekers of knowledge who effortlessly study at several Universities in various star nations. They master their signature abilities mostly for the reason of understanding it, so they can correctly document it in the Book of Light.

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Ancient Sirians on Earth are known to be Lemurians and/ or Atlanteans. According to legend, when the big flood came, Lemurians were lead to live and thrive under the ground. After the flood, they emerged from the inner Earth and are known as Natives whose mission was to bring wisdom, knowledge, healing and technology. It has been said that some ancient Lemurians still live in the Crystal Cities in the inner Earth, together with other beings.

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Sirian starseeds have special connection to Lemurian crystals because they encoded them with Light codes of the ancient knowledge. Purpose of storing Light codes within crystals was to literary create „time capsules” that can be access at any given time. Siriens were aware of the fact that during an incarnating process all higher vibration beings have to lower their vibrations into 3D reality of the Earth realm to be able to sustain in the physical body. Lowering vibrations cause conflict in the conscious soul memory and result in „soul amnesia” – not been able to remember of who you are. That is what we are still experiencing today. Thus, the Sirians grandfathered an idea of storing messages, in Earth realm, in many various crystals and stones, not only Lemurians, to give us „messages from our soul family”, to help us to remember of who we are and what we need to know. (…)

Sacred - Treasure of Mountain 1933

Library of Light. (…)They pointed out that because of a Free Will Law, we are able access any information we desire. While there, our energy is greatly enhanced allowing the ability learn all that is desired. You will start to feel plugged into the Universal energy flow, knowing and understand anything you want. When finished receiving the Light Record information it will depend on your own Light energy and mind capacity how much knowledge you will retain (in your conscious mind). It truly is about how individuals can keep this information in their own „information system”.

personal-growthThis means that when you meditate and access information with the assistance of your guides and then come back to your physical energy, you may not remember all the information that you felt you knew. All the information, you gained in your meditating journey, is stored in your unconscious memory, even thought your conscious mind cannot instantly recall it. Forgetfulness is common because knowledge should be protected. When evolved enough to use and share all the ancient information with integrity, honesty and only for the highest interest of the Universe, you will remember everything.

Main Chakras CentersAnother reason for forgetfulness is you are accessing higher dimensional vibrations or knowledge and then lowering it down to the 3D physical reality. Once again, your own vibrations will need to be higher. For example, you may need to go through an ego-transforming journey before remembering ancient truths. It is necessary for you to work on your Light body, preparing your physical vessel, so that you may hold this higher vibrational information within, and then use it for the good of others. (…)


Sacred Geometry in Architecture. (…) Our guides explained that Sirians had helped in combining architecture from all across the Universe, to influence Earth’s own evolution and growth. When starseeds from various star nations incarnate on Earth, they have many reminders of who they are and where they came from, standing right in the front of their eyes. The guides showed us a few building structures until we understood the idea that „energy structures” were build all over the world. To some they are just buildings, but to those who are sensitive to energy; they are infused with the ancient energy and knowledge that unconsciously speaks to them. When you are ready you will consciously access and understand this energy and meaning. Just like crops circles that appear in the fields, to some it is a skillful art and to others it is a coded message. The question is, are you evolved enough to read and understand the message? (…)


Sirius’s Help to Earth. Sirians are the star nation who thought up how to infuse Earth with their ancient energy, so that other generations can easily access it and remember or recall the „old energy”. Just as Lyrans were inventors of DNA merging, Sirians are the masterminds behind preserving memory and energy within the depths of the Earth. They preserved their ancient energy within buildings, such as the pyramids. They also concealed much information within the Earth’s body, soil, water and stone. The Sirian’s message is, „Be one with the nature, understand the nature and you are one with the universe, one with us and with everything that there is.” (…)

chakras2Energy Power Center, EPC. Sirian’s EPC is located in their sixth chakra, with their strongest psychic energy centered in the third eye. Their senses of hearing and smelling are tremendous. Usually Sirian starseeds can easily view auras, energy, spirits, etc. They can communicate telepathically, remote view and tele-transport to different places. Their psychic and cognitive abilities are astonishing. If their DNA merges with other star nations or they study at other star nation Universities, they acquire that star nation’s abilities as well.

Caduceu - Palatul Comertului

Sirian Starseeds on Earth. Sirian starseeds have beautiful, strong and grounded warrior energy. They have a huge urge to help people and fight for their rights. Others perceive them as very strong, not by size but mentally. They look and act as if they are not afraid of anything; yet their soul will undoubtedly be gentle, full of Light, kindness and have worries too. They are sensitive empaths, in a similar way to their starseed brothers and sisters needing kindness and love to thrive. One of their great passions is reading books on their many interests.


SpinalChakraPointsOne common sign noticed about these starseeds is that they are somehow more resilient to negative energies. This is because their EPC is located in their sixth chakra. Therefore, even though they have great empathic ability, they do not sponge all the negative energy into the heart chakra; like Pleiadians, or solar plexus; (major clairsentience center) like Andromedans. They do not feel as confused about negative energies as Pleiadians and Andromedans, before their awakening. Many times, they go through states of confusion about who they are and what their mission is. They may try to join several religions and explore various spiritual beliefs and teachings in a quest of finding themselves.


Sirian starseeds use a great amount of logic to solve everything. This is good and bad, depending on the state of their awakening. The bad part is that it takes longer to realize their difference from others (that they are starseeds) and knowing that not everything can be explained by logic. The good part is that once they awaken, they can logically combine the amazing ancient energies with present time and apply it to our world in a way we can understand. Some Sirian starseeds such as Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein and many others might have felt they were born ahead of their time. However, the work they shared with us has been is perfectly timed and we are ready to continue with their amazing work just as we do now, for example, with Essenes energies that are over 2,000 years old.

Pyramidion of Amenhotep-Huy- Egypt would love to know what this says

Sirian starseeds are attracted to Native teachings. They often choose to study native’s forms of energy work, shamanism and herbal healing. Many Sirian starseeds also resonate with Pagans. They are very sensitive and have a special connection to all elements of the Earth, nature, crystals and animals. From my readings, I’ve found that the majority of Sirian starseeds are cat lovers! Cats remind them of their friends from the Feline star nation: Lions. Some Lion beings also incarnate as cats of all sizes on the Earth, to assist their Sirian starseed friend to adjust in their human body vessel. Sirian starseeds are naturally interested in Egypt and the pyramids, with many experiencing a past lifetime in Egypt.

The Sphinx & The Great Pyramid at Gizeh

Since Sirians love reading and sharing knowledge; many do become writers, leaders, inspirational talkers, news writers and broadcasters, as well as inventors, scientists and physicists. Their warrior spirit might also attract them into military, security forces, police and law work. Some Sirian starseeds devote their life to teaching children and youth. They enjoy an educational role and can easily create a special connection with kids. More and more children are born almost awakened and need someone who will understand them on a starseed level. A highly intelligent starseed child may be labeled as a troublemaker or as a kid with ADD or ADHD. These kids are likely to speak their mind, are different on many levels, sensitive to emotions and environment, need to be understood as well as put on the right life path.

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Their personality is composed of both fun and seriousness. One part focused on study and work, as they strongly feel that they have to achieve something and often have good motivation. The other part of their personality loves fun, music and dancing, good company of friends or to be silly; perhaps even be a tiny bit eccentric.

Sirius in „The Truman Show” (1998)

Interestingly, many Sirians I have worked with love cheese, natural food (especially fruit), water and rainbows; as these things remind them of home. They have equal preference for gold and silver metals. Often they have cats as pets or have a love for feline creatures. Several starseeds I’ve known have entered the military; few stay, many leave feeling broken inside. Somehow, military life is not what they expected it to be. They love freedom and are willing to fight to the death for the right reasons. They are pulled into conspiracy theories and a few brave ones have uncovered the truth and shared it with others despite the consequences. Their Warrior spirit does not care what will happen to them, they strongly feel that they must share all the truth they know or uncover.


Sirian starseeds have brilliant minds. They need to learn to bring the energy from the mind into the entire physical body and practice „whole body intuition”. That means learning to sense the energy throughout their whole body, not just with the mind. Their mission on Earth is to make our life easier with their inventions, new technology, science, truth and teachings, and healing. Sirians know how to use ancient knowledge and make it futuristic.


Recommendations: Learn about ancient structures and places on Earth. Research warriors: their highs and lows, how can you learn from them and „fight” in intellectual way. Connect with nature. Review your life and things you have learned. Combine all that you have learned and let go what no longer serves you in positive way.”

SOURCE: Marquez, Eva. A Starseed Guide Andromeda, Pleiades, and Sirius (Kindle Locations 468-648). Eva Marquez. Kindle Edition

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