NEW MILLENNIUM: The Sirius Secret

gods-of-the-new-millennium-by-alan-f-alford-5Gods of the New Millennium by Alan F. Alford. First published in 1997, this is the comprehensive and irrefutable proof of the flesh-and-blood gods who created us genetically in their own image. This interventionist solution identifies them as the builders of the Pyramids, Sphinx and other ancient sites. Up-to-date evidence is that the gods were real and came from within the Solar System. (LINK)

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Sumerian Tablet – Planet X Nebiru (?)
Francisco de Holanda – „De Aetatibus Mundi Imagines” (1543–1573)
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The Sirius Secret. (pag. 56 in PDF version): „In 1976, an American scholar, with interests in astronomy and ancient civilisations, published an astonishing book. In The Sirius Mystery, Robert Temple produced overwhelmingly detailed evidence that an African tribe, known as the Dogon, possessed an extraordinary knowledge of the Sirius star system. Robert Temple began his studies following an earlier report by two French anthropologists, Marcel Griaule and Germaine Dieterlen, who claimed to have found knowledge of Sirius in four Sudanese tribes.

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The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple - Typhon & Scylla The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple - Oannes

The French scientists had focussed their investigations on a people known as the Dogon, who lived in Mall, West Africa. Between 1946 and 1950, they gathered information from four Dogon priests concerning their sacred religious traditions. These traditions were apparently based on a myth which had been passed down orally from one generation to another. Every sixty years, the Dogon practised a ceremony known as Sigui, which re-enacted the re-creation of the world by the god Amma, the crushing of the primitive Ogo-man. and the subsequent granting of civilisation by Amma’s son Nommo. The day of the gods’ arrival was known to the Dogon as the “day of the fish”, and the gods themselves were regarded as amphibious beings.

The Sirius Mystery - Robert Temple - Nommo

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According to Dogon tradition, these gods had come from a planet orbiting Sirius B, one of three stars in the Sirius star system. The Dogon accurately described the 50-year orbit of Sirius B around Sirius A. This is quite amazing, because Sirius B is a “white dwarf’, the tiniest form of visible star in the universe. As such, it is invisible to the naked eye, and barely visible even with a good telescope. If the tale was a myth, why did the Dogon not worship Sirius A, the so-called “dog star”, which is one of the brightest stars in the sky? Robert Temple provides incontrovertible evidence that the Dogon knew of the existence of the invisible Sirius B. How could they have known? Some cynics have attributed this knowledge to visiting missionaries, but as Temple points out, these missionaries arrived more than a hundred years before Sirius B was photographed for the first time in 1970. Nor was the Dogon knowledge of astronomy restricted to Sirius.


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Robert Temple also demonstrates that they knew of the Earth’s rotation on its axis and its 365-day solar orbit, which they split into a calendar of 12 months. As for the Moon, the Dogon knew that it was dry and dead and among their other remarkable knowledge (allegedly) is the existence of Saturn’s ring and Jupiter’s four largest satellites. Where did all this knowledge come from? Temple concludes his research as follows: “The result, in 1974, seven years later, is that I have been able to show that the information which the Dogon possess is really more than five thousand years old and was possessed by the ancient Egyptians in the pre-dynastic times before 3200 BC.” (emphasis added).” Download PDF (2 MB)

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