GREEN STONE: „Lucifer’s Crown” is Sirius B?

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„The Ordo Lapsit Exillis is named after the Stone that fell from Heaven, the fabled jewel that is said to have fallen from Lucifer’s crown during the war in Heaven, and which in the occult is used as a symbol of enlightenment – of the descent of divine light form the mind of God into the mind of Man. As such it symbolizes Venus, the Morning Star, as well as the Luciferian doctrine of the initiates, the secret knowledge which men are not allowed, and which Lucifer’s angels were cast from Heaven for sharing with man.

LUX EX TENEBRISIn Freemasonry, this is symbolized as the Blazing Star , which is often depicted as falling from Heaven. As Albert Pike writes in Morals and Dogma, The Blazing Star has been regarded as an emblem of Omniscience, or the All-Seeing Eye, which to the ancients was the Sun. Masons also represent the Lapsit Exillis as the Stone that was rejected – the secret cornerstone of Solomon’s Temple which symbolizes the core of their teachings.” (SURSA)


GREEN STONE MOLDAVITEGREEN STONE MOLDAVITE: The Gem That Fell From The Sky (by Edalfo Lanfranchi)
Stones speak with their silence as if these were the witnesses of our universe. They seem beings motionless and silent, but it isn’t true. Inside them is the secular momentum that has the universe: the eternal presence of the Supreme Being. Every stone is an expression of love. None can be discarded; each one has its history. These are pre-fated for things that no one yet knows for sure, but stones have their purpose. Time will tell. Some are equivalent to the ascended masters. Among these is the green stone „Moldavite”.

Moldavite - 42_17LIGHTIt was originally found in a small region of the Czech Republic near the Vltava River, and now this is in Venezuela. Stone Ra according to the Egyptians –and, perhaps by other names that we do not know. An important and precious and powerful gem is this stone, which we should be treated with respect. It is pure energy, immortal fire, power trapped in human life. Ancient civilizations have left their record surrounded with mystery. Its mother’s house is the constellation Orion. It contains all knowledge of the universe. It is here to help us. It is our traveling companion and our protector. We should trust her. LINK

SOURCE: Lanfranchi, Edalfo. GREEN STONE MOLDAVITE: The Gem That Fell From The Sky (Kindle Locations 338-342). Kindle Edition

„(…) CONCLUSION ON THE ORIGIN OF THE „MOLDAVITE” GREEN STONE. As the foregoing conclusion, we can say without a doubt and with all certainty, allowing us to obtain the set of stones that we have collected and partially presented, are part of a meteorite that came from outer space, so we are sure that green stone “Moldavite” comes from outer space. Most important of all, are the characteristics and special properties that have these stones.

Nebuloasa Ochi de pisică este o stea în pragul morţii şi se află la o depărtare de aproximativ trei mii de ani lumina

The theory most accepted about the origin of the green stone „Moldavite is one that mentions the three stars of the belt of the constellation of Orion as its origin point. This is because the various writings that exist about its origin, which at the time of be analyzed refers to the three stars that sent this gem to the Earth.

Klaus Dona 13 Cups - Looking to starsThroughout the history of mankind, the three best-known stars that form a system that is very easy to observe and identify have been the three stars located in the figure of the constellation of Orion’s belt. Possibly this stars have been worshiped because they are exactly the easiest group of stars that everybody at single glance can point up in the night sky. For this simple reason, the three stars of the belt of Orion immediately became the three stars that sent the green stone “Moldavite” to Earth.


This whole story basically seems to be the result of the ignorance that has had and we still have of the universe and its components. Analyzing the above three stars of the belt of Orion, you can reach the conclusion that they do not constitute any system within the stellar space. They only are grouped visually to form the belt. The three stars above are incredible distances one from the other.

Hydra Sirius OrionThe stars in the belt of Orion are: Delta, known as Mintaka, has one of magnitude 2.23 and is blue. This star is a super-giant with luminosity of 8300 times more than the Sun, and is located at a distance of 920 light years. It is part of Orion’s belt and is which is located to the right of the same Epsilon or Alnilam, is the second star in the belt of Orion. It has a magnitude 1.72 and also blue. It’s a super-giant 30,000 times brighter than the Sun. It is at a distance of 1,340 light years sunlight and is located in the Centre of the other two of the belt.

Sirius T Constelation - Sirius Matters - Noah Brosch

from the National Library of SwedenCalled Alnitak, Zeta is the third star in the belt of Orion, is a magnitude of 1.90, of blue, and is also a super-giant 10,500 times more luminous than the Sun. It is located at a distance of 820 light years light and is on the left side of the belt. As you can see, these stars are very distant from each other and cannot form a system. Certainly in the past, due to lack of knowledge as already mentioned, could not be done allusion to any other set of three stars, which could send the stone to the Earth.

Sirius - Triple Star System

Zmey Gorynych, the Russian three-headed dragonAt this time, with the new knowledge that have been obtained, we know that there is another set of three stars that really forms a true system, which might have been which sent the stone to Earth. The system that we refer is formed by three stars that revolve close one near each other and each of them influences the movement of the other two. This system always was considered to be a single star, and for this reason was never assessed as the promoter system sender of the stone to the Earth.

Keys to Eternal Life, Temple of Karnak, EgyptWe are referring to the star of Sirius. This star is not in fact a single star, as always was considered in the past, but three stars together, which are so close that it is very difficult to identify them. Each of these stars revolves around the other two, thus forming a real system or set of stars, which is located in the constellation of the major Can. The star which was regarded as the star is SIRIUS now referred to as Sirius A star (also known as alpha of the largest Can). It is the brightest star in the night sky as seen from the Earth. It has twice the mass of the Sun and is of a magnitude (-1.46), the temperature on its surface is of about 10,000 degrees K. She is white and is 8.6 light years sunlight. It is the fifth star closest to the Sun.

Sirius A-B in X-Rays & Geoglife

dogon_ing_siriusdnaOne of the companions of „Alpha of the Can more” (Sirius A), is Sirius B, or The puppy („El Cachorro”). It was initially identified by its effects on the displacement of the star SIRIUS A. This identification was carried out in the year 1844, and his observation was achieved in the year 1862. She is a white dwarf, and was the first discovered white dwarf star. It has a magnitude of 8.44 and a surface temperature of 25,200 degrees K. It has the same mass of the Sun but is the size of the Earth. Complete your spinning around the star Sirius every 50 light years.


A southern-Indian carved-stone stele depicting Shiva as a lingam - a makara head is at the top of the arch - the central area has two intertwining cobrasDue to disturbances that may be observed in the orbits of the two first mentioned Syrian stars, is considered the existence of a third Star (Sirius C) of mass equal to 1/ 5 of the Sun, with an elliptical orbit of 6 light years around SIRIUS A. This star, possibly of little size and density due to technical problems has not observed but there are evidences of its existence because we know its effects on orbits of the two star already observed. This is actually a three-star system, as it is mentioned in the ancient writings and is much closer to the Sun. This system certainly has most likely to be the source of where comes the green stone “Moldavite”.

Moldavite - Sirius StoneWhereas the stones obtained in the area of Moldova, since immemorial time, we have no doubt that their origin is also from outer space. Its presentation and corrugated form is due to the effects of erosion, entrainment and shuttle suffered during displacement and deposition of the same. Due to these actions, these stones have lost the most fragile parts that had been able to provide the possibility to qualify them as a meteorite. This fortunately was not our case. Considering the similarity of properties and composition of the two stones of East and West, we can sustain without place to doubt that both have the same origin and come from outer space.


We confirm in this way the theory that affirms that the green stone “Moldavite” is a meteorite arrived from outer space, possibly from SIRIUS or Orion. This is a gift of God for us. Here we have presented proofs, which can guarantee us this statement. Surely many persons will want to check the accuracy of the foregoing, we hope to be able to satisfy their curiosity, subject to verification of their sincere intentions. (…)”

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